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Find of the Year! The Kelly Moore handbag features changeable compartments. It’s like a new handbag every day!

April 27, 2011

I recently received an absolutely stunning Kelly Moore “Libby” handbag in a soft shade of grey. This is the most useful bag I’ve found in ages!

First, it’s huge. At 13.5″ (tall) x 16″(wide) x 6.5″(deep) even I’m able to fit everything inside.

Second, it has moveable compartments inside. I’ve seen chic bags with compartments, most notably my lovely Butler Bag, but never one where I can configure the interior to suit my needs (which can change day-to-day). The Velcro dividers make it so easy! There’s even a laptop divider so that I can carry everything in one bag instead of my usual (looking like a vagrant carrying a gym bag, a laptop bag, a purse, and my lunch).

Third, Kelly Moore bags are so well made. The construction incredibly sturdy, so I am not afraid to really load it up — even with my brand new laptop. The thoughtful details, like a removable long messenger strap, shoulder pad and stunning silver hardware guarantee that the Kelly Moore bag is my new go-to bag for every day. Retail $249.

So where did the idea for these great bags come from? Designer Kelly Moore is actually a photographer and started her accessories line about three years ago. She initially created the bag as a stylish, functional bag that she could use to carry equipment while she photographed clients. Of course, the bag quickly transformed into an “anything, anywhere” bag for chic women who carry everything from legal files, to gym clothes, to sippy cups and Game Boys!

In addition to the Libby handbag, Kelly Moore now offers a whole range of style options including a classic handbag ($199), a hobo bag ($169) and a boy bag ($199). Each bag includes a trademark lavender lining and removable compartment configurations. And now, in addition to classic color options like cranberry, black, brown, mustard and teal, the bags are also available in yummy shades like canary, azure and coral!

To see the entire collection or order on-line, simply visit Kelly Moore.

Images courtesy of Kelly Moore.

Susan McNeill is a wife, mother, author, entrepreneur and social activist. In addition toSusan Said What?! Susan also writes for It’s how you play the game!Success Won’t Wait! and new for 2011 The Best Christmas Ever!

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