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I am always interested in the latest fashion, accessories, jewelry and beauty items that are stylish, affordable, and designed for real women. If you have a new product line and want an honest evaluation, please contact me.

I will only review your product if it’s suitable fit for my readers.

You will need to supply me with a sample product so I can adequately evaluate it. You may also want to sponsor a giveaway, which can be arranged. Simply let me know how many items you can supply. I’ll promote the giveaway, choose a winner, and get their shipping address(es) so you can direct ship their product(s).

Please contact me at to share information about your products or services.

Please note that I receive many emails each day. I will get back to you — promise!

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  1. September 7, 2011 3:30 am

    Meyoto has transformed the anonymous peace sign into one of personal significance. MEYOTO (acronym for “ME and YOu TOgether”) artfully integrates “who I am” and “what I believe” on the universally recognized peace sign. It is designed to bring all people together and heighten awareness of a vital issue to all, yet gives each individual a special place in the collective whole.
    Since its launch in 2009, Meyoto, the dedicated ‘peace’ brand, has focused on building a ‘visual voice’ for global peace. The visual theme is that of a waving flag to herald the Meyoto mantra: Show Your Colors, while the peace symbol completes the message: Speak Your Mind. The original product line of magnets, stickers and static window clings has expanded into a demand for other personal items and apparel.
    The fashion power of the traditional T-shirt may be the most important ‘peace’ de resistance! With a stylish Meyoto T, one can proudly display their “colors” while boldly expressing their attitude. The avant-garde design, currently available as U.S. state flags, 138 flags representing countries from all continents and numerous special designs is a new kind of ‘calling card’ to reach out and tell others who you are.
    Meyoto merchandise can be purchased at exclusive on-line stores or at For T-shirts ordered in larger quantities, the company can encircle the Meyoto with place names or a special message. The company will custom design and manufacture a Meyoto for special events and fundraising activities upon request.
    MEYOTO is designed to build a ‘group voice’ for world peace — together we can keep the conversation going!

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